The Life Giving Benefits of Kangen Water

There are toxins in almost all of your household products! I challenge you to go home and check out what you are using. You’re going to see parabens in almost everything. You’re going to see BPA in all the stuff you have at home. You’re going to see these toxic xenoestrogens that are all around […]

Disease knows NO BOUNDARIES – How to Boost Your Immunity

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took 3 months off work every year? Let’s say you work at a restaurant, CPA firm, dentist or law office…you get the point; what would happen if you didn’t show up for 3 months? Fired? Lost pay? Business closed? How about if you worked hard to […]

Stress is killing you. Why you must reduce it now.

Stress can be a really good thing. But what happens to your body when you are constantly under stress? How can you reduce stress naturally?

3 Stressors that Burden Your Immune System

Our bodies are constantly under attack from foreign invaders such as environmental toxins, pollutants, bacteria, germs, and viruses. The immune system is our body’s natural defense against these attackers. The immune system is made up of organs, structures and white blood cells whose job it is to identify and destroy disease-causing organisms such as: Bacteria […]

3 Ways to Remove Excess Estrogens Naturally

Worried about having too much estrogen in your body? Afraid of the conventional treatments prescribed by doctors? Watch this short video segment to learn how to remove excess estrogens from your body naturally.  

The Little Known Risks of Adrenal Dominance

When stress happens, it affects your adrenal glands. Your adrenal glands are super important. Adrenaline is that feeling that you get when you are in that situation when things are like BAM! and everything’s a jam, you feel awesome. That’s adrenaline. But,  if you’re getting that all the time, it causes some issues. So, adrenaline […]

The Connection Between Your Nervous System and Spine Health

The spine is much more than just a structure that helps us stand more erect and protects the spinal cord. 90% of the stimulation and nutrition to the brain is generated by movement of the spine! – Roger Sperry, a Nobel prize winner on brain research DID YOU HEAR THAT…. the spine and structure of the […]

The Toxic Effects of Pharmaceutical Medication

Let’s look at how the medical system works. If you go to your doctor, whether you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, or your thyroid is out of whack, or your digestive system is out of whack, or you’re in pain or you have headaches, what are you going to get? You’re going to […]

10 Reasons to Avoid GMO’s as if Your Life Depends on it

GMO is the acronym for genetically modified organism. In 2012, California created a ballot measure, Proposition 37, to require GMO labeling. This bill was defeated, gaining only 48.6% of voters at the polls. If it had passed, California would have been the first state to require GMO labeling. The fight is still going on with people […]

The Secret to Reducing Inflammation Lies in Omega 3 Ratios

Omega 3’s – What are they? Omega 3s are found in fish oils and few select other foods. Other than supplementation, the only way to get enough is to eat wild fish two to three days a week along with a lot of things like Chia seeds, flax seeds, seaweeds and astaxanthin. This type of […]


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