Corrective Care Videos

Introduction to your Homecare Kit

Repetitive Cervical Traction

Wobble Chair Exercises

Alar Ligament Exercise

Cervical Dorsal

Cervical Flexion

Cervical Extension

CTU (Cervical Traction Unit) Pull

Chest Expander Exercise

Praying Mantis Exercise

Psoas Stretch

Psoas Lift

Lumbar Extension Exercise

Anterior Head Weights

L-5 Spondylo Exercises

Unpacking Your Head Weights

Decreased Sacral Base

Increased Sacral Base

Posterior T12 Blocking

Cervical Rolls

Anterior Chest Weight

Anterior Pelvic Weight

Cross Body Weight

Cross Pelvic Weight

Lateral Head Weight (High Setup)

Placing Your Head Weights

Lateral Head Weight (Vertical Setup)

Lateral Hip Weight

Low Shoulder Weight

Pit Roll

Posterior Hip Weight

Posterior Hip Weight

Progressive Foam Roll Sleep Aids

Anterior L5

Pelvic Rotation Blocking

Posterior L5 / Decreased Sacral Base Blocking

Posterior T12 Blocking

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