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“We don’t guess, we test,” says New Life Chiropractic’s Clinic Director, Dr. Tim Smith. “Every patient is different, so it’s our responsibility as Doctors to personalize care to fit the specific needs of each patient.”

It is within these values that have led MaxLiving to launch the new standard for health care – MaxLiving Life-Risk Questionnaire (LRQ) and Max Metabolix.

MaxLiving LRQ

lifestyle risk questionnaireMaxLiving LRQ is an introductory questionnaire that evaluates a patient’s overall health based on personal lifestyle habits. The LRQ develops its results into 5 categories based on the 5 Essentials®:

  • Core Chiropractic
  • Nutrition
  • Mindset
  • Oxygen & Exercise
  • Minimize Toxins

These 5 Essentials® are a scientifically-based approach to restoring your body’s natural ability to heal. MaxLiving customizes the right balance of each Essential so each patient can align their health, naturally.

We don’t guess, we test…

These scoring categories create measurable results that give the MaxLiving Doctor and team a strong foundation to build a personalized patient care process. Once this process is in place, that is when healing, growth, and vitality begins.

Max Metabolix

Maximize MetabolixMax Metabolix is a series of clinical laboratory tests for the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of chronic health issues. These tests identify the biological markers of a person’s current health through simple bodily samples such as urine, blood, etc. Max Metabolix results can pinpoint the exact deficiencies and elevated levels of each biomarker.

We don’t guess, we test…

Max Metabolix removes any opinions, estimates, or theories by utilizing state of the art laboratory equipment to develop accurate results. This makes it possible to target and prioritize your specific health needs.

After generating the results, the tests are measured by the trained MaxLiving Doctor and reviewed with the patient. This allows the opportunity to create a step-by-step, individualized plan to reach optimal health.

Max Metabolix can be a humbling and valuable experience for even the most active person. Take this opportunity to identify your internal health needs by speaking with a MaxLiving Doctor today!

MaxLiving LRQ and Max Metabolix abide by written procedures and policies that follow the guidelines in the HIPAA Privacy Rules. MaxLiving keeps all Protected Health Information (PHI) secure. Patient identity including past, present, or future conditions are secure and follow all compliance standards. MaxLiving Doctors guard details of health care provided to patients to ensure the highest quality care and protection of private content.

To take your MaxLiving LRQ and learn more about customized nutrition plans for you and your family with Max Metabolix contact our office at 916-259-2682


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