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What is a Natural Solution to High Blood Pressure?

How to Lower Your Blood Pressure without medication

To continue our topic on heart health, today we want to talk about natural solutions for high blood pressure. One of the most commonly prescribed medications is high blood pressure and typically when people come into my office, I see that they’re not on just one but two, sometimes three medications for high blood pressure.

High Blood Pressure Can be Treated Without Medication in Most Patients

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What is Causing Your High Blood Pressure?

If your blood pressure is going higher, there’s always a reason why. If you go to your doctor and you get diagnosed with high blood pressure and they want to give you a medication, that medication can artificially lower your blood pressure, but the question you want to ask yourself is, is that medications addressing the cause?

Recently we talked about cholesterol medications. Every medication has at least 70 side effects. Some of the main side effects are:

  • Impotence in men
  • Digestive issues in women
  • Doesn’t address the cause of stroke, heart disease or heart attack
  • It hasn’t been shown to be effective at reducing stroke, heart disease and heart attacks while taking the medications.

What Causes High Blood Pressure?

When you have high blood pressure, that means that you have a stress response going on in your body. Your body’s response is called sympathetic overdrive. Sympathetic overdrive causes constriction of your blood vessels, which increases the pressure within your vascular system.

Now most medications are blood thinners. They thin out your blood so it fits within that constricted area. That’s not fixing anything. Things are still clogged. Things are still reducing pressure.

One thing that most people don’t know is that your blood pressure is actually controlled by the nervous system, specifically your brainstem, which is the C1, the top bone in your spine.

Blood Pressure Medication vs. Chiropractic Adjustment

There was a study done a few years back where they took patients with high blood pressure and they gave them two of the top rated blood pressure medications and then another group they gave specific chiropractic adjustments to the C1 affecting the autonomic nervous system, which regulates blood pressure.

What they found was across the board there was a statistically significant difference in the patients who are getting chiropractic adjustments versus the ones who were getting the medications. Up to 14 points better improvement at reducing blood pressure with the chiropractic adjustment then with the medications.

How amazing is that?

When’s the last time your medical doctor recommended chiropractic adjustments when you went there and you showed up with high blood pressure?

When’s the last time you saw a commercial or a billboard or a magazine article that talked about the natural solution of blood pressure versus the medication solution?

And the best part about the chiropractic study is that the patients also experienced a higher level of health and there are no side effects. When you go the natural, drug free route, there are no side effects. There’s only benefits and that leads to greater health.

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