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What Is Your Family Health Plan? Health Plan Analysis Checklist

What Is Your Family Health Plan_ Health Plan Analysis Checklist

When it comes to health, you HAVE to have a plan for your family. Most importantly, you have to have a maximized family health plan otherwise your plan may be leading right into more sickness, more disease, and an early death.

The following is a health plan analysis. Honestly evaluate where you and your family are in health. Health plan A or health plan B.

If you are in health plan A in any aspect, you are planning to fail. Health plan B brings success. Just look at the results…

Family Health Plan A (The Sick Plan)

  • If you feel good then you must be healthy.
  • Taking medications to manage symptoms for blood pressure, thyroid, cholesterol, diabetes, allergies, etc. for YEARS and never find out why you have the problem.
  • Consistently say, “It runs in my family,” for being the reason you have health problems
  • Make your health decisions based on IF your insurance company pays for it.
    • Only get x-rays if they pay.
    • Only see the doctor if they pay.
    • Only go to doctors who are in the insurance network.
    • Only see the chiropractor for the allowed number of visits per year.
  • Think that having “okay” results on your yearly or bi-yearly physical actually means you are healthy.
  • Wait until you have a symptom OR until your symptom gets bad to address your issue.
  • Not exercising.
  • Not using proper supplementation.
  • Using conventional cleaning and personal care products in the home.

Family Health Plan B (The Health Plan)

  • Judge your health based off of function, not feeling.
  • If on a medication, figure out what the cause of the problem and create a plan to get off of it as fast and safe as possible
  • Know that lifestyle effects over 95% of disease and that YOU have control of your health and the health of your family not your genes (See Epigenetics in the Cancer Killers book).
  • Take responsibility and invest in your health every day. Every dollar spent in prevention saves hundreds in disease.
  • Check your nerve system regularly since it controls your entire body. Get adjusted because of all of the research showing its benefits.
  • A Max Living doctor is your main doctor, not the one that gives drugs and does surgeries.
  • Build health instead of reacting once you get disease.
  • MaxT3 surge train for optimum fitness. There’s a big difference between being skinny and being fit.
  • Eating a core plan to get the nutrients your body HAS to have with proper whole food supplementation
  • Avoid the common sources of toxicity and work on detoxing your body for maximum function
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Plan A is a SICK PLAN. Plan B is a HEALTH PLAN.

You cannot build health by just avoiding sickness. If you are not building health then you are building disease; it’s that simple.

What did you do today to build health?

Do something small everyday.

Do you have a plan? Easiest plan is to eliminate one more part of plan A above from your life, add one more part of plan B to your life, and watch things improve.

Move forward today, not backward. Take action. Keep executing the plan little by little, don’t forget we are here to help you!

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