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Disease knows NO BOUNDARIES – How to Boost Your Immunity

Boost your immunity

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you took 3 months off work every year? Let’s say you work at a restaurant, CPA firm, dentist or law office…you get the point; what would happen if you didn’t show up for 3 months?

  • Fired?
  • Lost pay?
  • Business closed?

How about if you worked hard to get in shape at the gym and you took 3 months off, where would you expect to be with your fitness? Would you be at the top of your game? Look your best? Feel your best?

Don’t Let Your Health Take a Vacation! Boost Your Immunity to Stay Healthy

Almost everyone is excited about summer! Summer is the time when most families go on vacation. However, let’s turn the tables and say, since summer schedules often change, especially for those with children or grandchildren, it’s more critical than ever to stay on track with your healthcare.

Don’t let changes in schedules interrupt your health. As important as it is to enjoy your summer when you lose your health, you can’t ENJOY ANYTHING.

We ALL know:

  • Disease knows NO BOUNDARIES. Whether you are traveling out of the country or across the bay, no boundaries!
  • Disease DOESN’T CARE. Regardless of race, gender or age, sickness doesn’t care!
  • Disease is NOT CAUSED BY BACTERIA OR VIRUSES. ALL ‘dis-ease’ is caused by the body’s inability to deal with and heal from whatever you are exposed to!
  • Disease is NOT A RESPECTOR OF CONVENIENCE. Developing a cold or a child with an ear infection doesn’t care if you’re planning a party tomorrow night!
  • Disease does NOT TAKE A SUMMER BREAK. Or Thanksgiving or Christmas break for that matter.
  • Disease DOESN’T RESPECT YOUR TIME. Morning, noon or night, you guessed it, sickness just doesn’t care! BUT WE DO!!!

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Stay on track this summer with your chiropractic care by letting them know when you will be gone on vacation.  In our case, you call Tonie, she is a MASTER at finding SOLUTIONS to make sure your chiropractic care remains on a track that keeps you moving toward your health and further away from sickness!

The research clearly shows that within 10-14 days of subluxation without an adjustment, irreversible degeneration and damage begins in the spine and nervous system. Every day you go beyond this, you are creating even more damage to the most important vital system in your body.

The idea that chiropractic care can help the immune system work better is not a new one.  In fact, this concept has been supported by credible data for a century. – Path of Life Chiropractic

That is why we take your schedule so seriously because subluxation is the most dangerous health condition due to the fact that it is the cause of dysfunction and disease in your body. Whether you feel it or not subluxation affects your health every day, which is why correction and wellness maintenance is so vital to greater health.

Your quality of your life and health depend on the functioning of your Nervous System! The more you know about how your body works and take control of your health the better outcomes you will get.

Learn How to Never Get Sick at Our Upcoming Event

Want to make sure you are never getting sick? Want to be proactive about your family’s health rather than reactive? Learn the protocols to master your immune health at BODY ARMOR!

The Event of the Summer

BODY ARMOR – Building Immune Health from the Inside Out

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